The objectives of the project “YOUNG EUROPEANS THINK. DO. KNOW. ASSESS” are related to the development of thinking skills through Media Literacy and the context of Cultural Heritage. The social and educational value of Cultural Heritage and development of basic skills are priorities of this year’s Erasmus program. The development of key skills is facilitated by Formative Assessment, which runs through the whole project.

Logo was created by German students.

The project begun on 1st of September 2020 and it will end 30th of June 2023, the project is financed by EU and it is combining 5 countries.


The main objectives in this project:

  1. Raise awareness of many forms and contents of media messages.
  1. To promote understanding of the value of the European cultural heritage.
  1. To promote critical thinking skills and creative problem solving to become reasonable users and information producers.
  1. Developing ICT skills and creativity.
  2. Encourage collaboration and friendship